Saturday, March 28, 2009

The last of the vacation pictures, I promise!

This ugly building with the top that looks like a snow cone cup unraveling is the RLDS, now renamed Community of Christ's, Temple/International Headquarters. We went ahead and went on inside. It looked pretty much like a High School inside. Their daily prayer meeting was starting so I went in and had a seat. It was deathly quiet, with only about 12 people inside. We heard 5 gong's that I to this day don't know where they came from, had a strange 5 minute prayer meeting. They pray for one country each day, and that day just happened to be Niger Africa. They read a few facts about it, and it sounded like they came right out of the Encyclopedia, we had a minute of silence, sang a weird song, 5 more gongs, and we were out of there. The service lasted about 12 minutes.It may not be the true church, but they do get credit for promptness!
This is the door on the outside of the Liberty jail. This is also the original wall, and the only one left standing.
This is what is left of the Jail where Joseph Smith and a few others were kept for just a little over 4 months. It was winter time, and I'm sure they froze. How horrible for them. The jailer stayed in the top part, and the prisoners were put in the lower part through the square in the floor. If you look on the right side of this picture you can see how it was built. The inside walls were wood, the outside wall was rock (I believe limestone but don't quote me on that) and the place in between those walls they filled with smaller rocks. That was so just in case the prisoners tried to dig through the wood part of the wall, the other rocks would fall inside and alert the jailer.
This is the final resting place for Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum Smith. After Joseph and Hyrum were killed, they buried the bodies underneath the unfinished Nauvoo House, and then reburied under an outbuilding on the Smith homestead. At the funeral they used empty coffins with sandbags inside to prevent theft or mutilation of the bodies. In 1928, an excavator was hired to find the bodies. He found Joseph, Hyrum and Emma, and they were finally laid to rest here, near the Mississippi River.
This statue is across the street from the Nauvoo temple. The plaque underneath it says this:
"The Prophets Last Ride"
On the morning of June 24, 1844, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum left their families, homes, and fellow saints for the last time. Traveling on horseback, they paused on this bluff. Joseph looked admiringly at the unfinished temple and the city of Nauvoo and declared:
This is the loveliest place and the best people under the heavens; little do they know the trials that await them.
Joesph and Hyrum then continued on to Carthage, Illinois, where they faced legal charges and eventual death at the hands of a mob.

More Vacation Pictures

This was on the main floor of the Carthage Jail. The "wardens" family used this as their living quarters. The room next to it was a holding cell.
This is the place where Joseph Smith was incarcerated for the last time. The window that you see is the one that Joseph Smith went through when he was shot.
This was called the Seventies House. It is located in old Nauvoo, and it's where church leaders used to gather for meetings.
How cute is this??? Potty training was probably horrible back then. There is enough room between the seat and the bucket, that I imagine there was a lot of hit and miss!Here is me and Conni hanging out with our friend Mr. Nauvoo Temple Sunstone. This was from the original temple. There are only a few of them left. This one was outside the visitors center in Nauvoo on display. There is also one in the Smithsonian.

I Love going on Vacation!

We went to a Jazz Club in Missouri called "The Blue Room", and was it ever fun! We had so much fun. The music was amazing, and I wouldn't have minded bringing home one of the band members as a souvenir.
This is Conni's baby Alina. Not so much a baby anymore. We were pretty good friends by the time I left, and she called me Dewey. The 2 pics below are me and Conni hanging out with the Prophet and his brother Hyrum. This was such a beautiful day and a great experience. In the background is the Carthage Jail. Pretty touching place to be.
This is the first stop we made when we got into Nauvoo. It was a breathtaking sight.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New baby Ava

Here she is, the newest member of the Merrell clan. How cute is she?!?! It's a little early to tell, but I think I am her favorite aunt! :) She was born Tuesday March 17th, 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches long. We are glad she is finally here!

Jocelyn, the proud sister. She thinks baby "Aba" is so "tute"!

Ava at 3 days old

Ava at 2 days old

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I got a new car!

My Honda was a piece-o-crap, so it's a thing of the past. Here is my new car, and I love it! It's a 2007 Hyundai Tucson 4wd. It's so fun!!

My cute wiener dog!

My cute Niece Ali

My niece Ali came to visit me one day, and of course I had to take some pictures. In the first picture she is just being her cute smiley self. In the second picture, she was just being cheeeeesy!

Bad things happen to GOOD people!

So my kitchen flooded......&^%$#!?!
It wasn't a total catastrophic event, but just enough to make me have a melt down. The pipe under my kitchen sink decided that now was as good a time as any to come apart, and naturally I was running water trying to get it hot enough to wash something by hand, so there was plenty of water to go around! GGGRRRRrrr!! It all turned out ok in the end, but I sure could have done without it!!

Stupid pipe not being connected
Water all over, although the cleanest this cupboard has been in a while!
Here is my junk all over the place. I have a whole new level of organization under my sink right now, was this such a bad thing......?