Monday, August 10, 2009

Execution of Operation 'Jello'

So, about 2 weeks ago my cousin Dallin got married. The wedding reception was out in Lindon, so my mom, dad, and sister picked me up and I went out with them. When they dropped me off back at my house, this is how the conversation went:
Mom: (handing me the wedding announcement) "Will you throw this away? I don't want it laying around in my car."
Me: "Aren't you going home right now?"
Mom: "Yes"
Me: "Why don't you just throw it away when you get home?"
Mom: "Because I want you to throw it away. I don't want it laying around in my car."
Me: "Um........ok."
So as I got out of the car, I took the announcement, and as I walked passed their car, I dropped it inside the sunroof, and went inside my house. Not without first leaving a smug smile for them to remember me by. I had to go to work the next morning, and I went out to my car, only to find the announcement stuck underneath my windshield wiper. Sooooo, when I got to work, I put it in an envelope, and mailed it to my mother.
A few days later, I get home to see this little shrine set up on my kitchen table. In case you can't read the yellow sticky note, it says "Bring It". This tacky crap sitting around it, and the picture frame it is in, are courtesy of the dollar is NOT stuff I already owned!So, I decided that Operation Jello was about to be executed. I called my mom on Sunday and offered to bring over some Jello for dinner. Delicious Jello might I add, so she was sure not to turn it down. I then put the announcement in a ziploc bag.....
And buried it in the bottom of the bowl. When I got to my moms, I told her that she better stir it to make sure that the fruit wasn't all at the bottom. As she brought her spoon up, the bag emerged. At this point I hear her screaming, "Lindsey she got us!!"

I am patiently waiting to see if they come up with something to get me back, and NO, putting it in my purse so I find it when I get home doesn't count! Although, since I got home and in the bottom of my purse it was, I may have to do something back to them so they are actually in possession of it. Any ideas.....?