Thursday, October 21, 2010

Better late than never...right?

Back in September, Rick took me and Sadie to Ouray Colorado for a few days of relaxation. We rented a Jeep when we got there, and drove around looking at incredible scenery, old abandoned mines, and just enjoying the outdoors. Here's a little of what we got to see...
This is Animas Forks, a cool old ghost town. It was first established in 1873, when people moved into the area to mine gold and silver. the summer population reached around 450 people, but few stayed to brave the harsh winters. Int he 1920's when metal prices fell, the town began it's slow transformation into a ghost town. Sadie had herself convinced that they were haunted....could they be??

This was an abandoned old mine we came across on our way to Animas Forks.
Sadie did a little Mining while we were there, and look what she found!!
My sweet hubby, and the Jeep we rented for the few days we were there.
Beautiful, darling!
The rest of the pictures are just some beautiful places we got to visit while we were gone. Can't wait to go back!

Sunday afternoon, great family, and my favorite little people!

The spooky headless ballerina

Ali dressed up as a U of U cheerleader for Uncle Rick....he was VERY impressed!

Ava and her Cheeto-orange smile

Jocelyn and Ali posing for the camera...both at the same time...holding still....not blinking.....smiling.......MIRACLE!