Thursday, October 21, 2010

Better late than never...right?

Back in September, Rick took me and Sadie to Ouray Colorado for a few days of relaxation. We rented a Jeep when we got there, and drove around looking at incredible scenery, old abandoned mines, and just enjoying the outdoors. Here's a little of what we got to see...
This is Animas Forks, a cool old ghost town. It was first established in 1873, when people moved into the area to mine gold and silver. the summer population reached around 450 people, but few stayed to brave the harsh winters. Int he 1920's when metal prices fell, the town began it's slow transformation into a ghost town. Sadie had herself convinced that they were haunted....could they be??

This was an abandoned old mine we came across on our way to Animas Forks.
Sadie did a little Mining while we were there, and look what she found!!
My sweet hubby, and the Jeep we rented for the few days we were there.
Beautiful, darling!
The rest of the pictures are just some beautiful places we got to visit while we were gone. Can't wait to go back!

Sunday afternoon, great family, and my favorite little people!

The spooky headless ballerina

Ali dressed up as a U of U cheerleader for Uncle Rick....he was VERY impressed!

Ava and her Cheeto-orange smile

Jocelyn and Ali posing for the camera...both at the same time...holding still....not blinking.....smiling.......MIRACLE!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I got MARRIED.....

Soooo, I guess it's been a while since I have blogged about anything. As you can see, I've been a little busy. I sort of got married!!!! It was kind of fast, but I've never been so happy. Rick and I got married June 24th, and he is the sweetest person in the whole world. I know live in Heber, and have 2 step daughters, Cassie and Sadie, that are sooo sweet. I love spending time with them, and we even have Sadie living with us. I'm also a mom to a cat, and Chloe isn't sure about that whole arrangement, but things are getting better every day. They are friends by day, and arch rivals by night. Life is great!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reunited....and it feels so gooooood!

When I flew out to Kansas last year to visit my BFF Conni, we went to the most amazing restaurant. It was called Oklahoma Joes, and it was in the lobby of a gas station. Their BBQ sauce was magically delicious. For my birthday, I got a fed ex package with BBQ sauce, and a tshirt that says "My favorite restaurant is in a gas station" on the back. I hope to make you proud Conni, by using the sauce on some magically delicious ribs, and spilling BBQ sauce down the front of my new white tshirt while eating it! xoxo

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My 40th Birthday....

When I got to work this morning, feeling sorry for myself because I had left my 30's for greener pastures, I rounded the corner and this is what I saw. There was even soft funeral music playing in the background. I love my friends!!!! xoxoxo

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

UPS Man...... why are you so strange?

Here is my package, which was put in a garbage bag and then left under my door mat.
But here is my favorite one. Apparently, shrubs serve not one, but TWO purposes when planted in front of your home. Not only beautification purposes, but package camo as well.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Insulation From Hell....

I'm not quite sure why all people on the earth weren't born with common sense. I guess for me, it's nothing but job security. I do have to say, however, that there are some people that lack the common sense of a billy goat. Allow me to set the stage....

I had some people knock on my door one day, saying they were in the area looking at the insulation in attics, and seeing if they could help you get more under the Questar rebate plan blah blah blah. So they checked my attic, and naturally, I had about half of what I needed so they scheduled to come back in about 3 days and get it taken care of. In my attic, before the builders put the roof on my house, they put plywood down the center of the attic so there is storage room up there....and storage there is. Rubbermaid totes, Christmas trees, lamp shades, a fan, you know. All of the stuff you don't have room for in your house, it gets shoved into your attic WHERE IT BELONGS! Anywho, I went up to my attic to check out the damage, and.... well, just LOOK at it!! Everything is buried. What the....?!?! Who does this???!?

I used to have luggage....
The pic below actually has a 9 foot christmas tree in a box laying to the sides of the rubbermaid totes. I would also like to add, that where the blue one is, that is actually a stack of 3 rubbermaids!
The fan you see is a Stand fan, not one that sits on a desk.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

She is Three!

Jocelyn turned 3 this week. Time goes by so fast! Here she is at her birthday party, preparing to blow out her candles.
All decked out in her birthday bling, blowing out the candles.
Here is a better view of her rings, and apparently they dont' taste bad either...