Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our first little Benson Family Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we had dinner at my mother in laws house, with Ricks whole family. We had such a good time. Everyone brought a little something, and we ate until we could hardly move. Here is my sweet hubby cutting his delicious meatloaf into slices.
Ah, the kids table. Now that I am 40, I've graduated into the adult section of the room for holiday meals. It's kind of refreshing!
More of the kids table, and for some reason my flash was on strike. This is a rowdy bunch of kids, and we wouldn't trade them for the world!My sister in law Margo, and my mother in law Blondie don't believe in not making every occasion a beautiful one, so here is the adult table. Yes they actually let me sit at it. Truly a year of miracles! Christmas Morning...Can we open the presents now...PLEASE?!?
Sadie grinning at the camera, while Cassie decorates her with a gold ribbon.
Cassie's main present was wrapped by her father. Because she is a BYU fan, it naturally had to be wrapped in UofU paper. She noticed this right off, and made her feelings known.
She then realized she was wearing a BYU sweatshirt, and Christmas was, once again...a success.
Oh please...could it be.....?? An Ipad????

Cassie and Sadie both spent Christmas night with us. We really expected them to wake us up early in the morning, but by 8:45 not a creature was stirring. That clearly meant that they needed to have a wiener dog dropped into the middle of their bed to wake them up. It worked. We opened presents, and I cooked breakfast for everyone, and we had a wonderful First Christmas together. What more can a girl ask for?

Starbuck the Cat

Starbucks life on this earth holds two purposes...
1. To sit on his cat condo, and make sure that all is well in the Benson household. He also has an eagle eye view of the wiener dog that won't leave him alone.
2. To guard the door against any intruders, that may try to break into our house ad straighten out the tree skirt that he worked on for hours to get it just the way he wanted it. Thanks for your help kitty cat!