Monday, September 21, 2009

The saga continues....

Yes, the wedding announcement is still around, and being passed back and forth. After my mom and sister received it in the bottom of the bowl of jello, my sister made me a cd and left it on my kitchen table. In the cover of the case, I found the folded up wedding announcement. I then laid it in my moms top drawer of her dresser, so when she got up to shower the next day, she found it laying upon her "delicates". I got home from sunday dinner one night, and it was in the bottom of my purse. I returned it by taping it to the top shelf of the refrigerator, so it was hanging it down in their face when they opened up the door. I was then leaving my parents one day, and my sister had folded it up into a small square with tape around it, and she threw it into my car like a chinese star, it hit me in the head and bounced into the back seat, where it stayed for about a week. I would also like to note that in the picture in the previous blog, with the little shrine set up on my kitchen table, I took that stuff down and put it in a bag, and stored it in a closet. I came home MANY times to see that shrine set back up on my table, after Lindsey had stopped to pick up Chloe from my house. Sooooooooo......we celebrated Lindseys birthday this past sunday. I had already given her her birthday present, but I decided to give her something "extra special" while the family was there. She opened the box, and what did she find?? THAT'S RIGHT BABY!!! She got all of the crap from her precious little "shrine", plus her chinese star still folded up and taped in it's little square was taped to the front of the picture frame. HA!
She has vowed vengeance. Is she up to the task??? We shall see!