Sunday, October 18, 2009

Country Farm Fest

My friends, owners and operators of Tricorn Trenchers were doing a booth this weekend, selling their AMAZING chips and salsa at the Country Farm Fest over in Payson. Since it was over there, I went and picked up my niece and took her with me. Ali and I had a great time! This is a picture of Ali sitting next to the giant pumpkins at the Biggest Pumpkin contest. This is the only time I actually got her to look at the camera, and it's half hearted at best!
There was a cat that she couldn't leave alone. The cat was loving her petting it, and vise versa! We had to go back 3 times for her to see the cat.

They also had a little petting zoo you could go into for $1. Big spender I know!! This is Ali petting the calf. She thought he was "so cute"!
Here is Ali petting the goat that tried to eat my shoe laces....
Petting the chickens was a bit of a challenge because they run so fast, but she was actually able to get this one for just a brief second! There is a duck in the back corner, that later was spotted running across the pen, with Ali closing in on him, as she was saying "HUG! HUG! HUG!" He wasn't into hugging so much.
This is where, for a brief moment, she was able to close in on that duck to say "hi".
This bunny rabbit was one of her favorites. She needed to get eye level with him, so here she is sitting in a cow pie (no, I most certainly am NOT kidding about that) so that she could get some real quality time with it.
We had a lot of fun coming to see the animals and to support my friends. It was such a beautiful day. Great ending for the week!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A worthy opponent indeed!!!

As you recall, I took all of the items that my sister has been setting up on my kitchen table, and gave them to her for her birthday. That was mid September. I got home the other night, and found one of the items sitting on my table, so I knew she had struck. I cautiously looked around the main level of my house and didn't see anything, so I took my search upstairs and what did I find?
Strung from one wall to the other in my bedroom, she had woven a spider web out of yarn, and taped it to the ceiling, floor, and both walls. It went clear across my bedroom. She had made a black widow spider out of duct tape, and it was hanging from my ceiling fan, and the stupid wedding announcement was stuck in the middle of the web.
I think the spiders eyes are cute!
Ooooohh, black widow. Scary!
How am I ever going to top this????