Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Christmas tree is up.....that's right, CHRISTMAS TREE!

Not only that, it's been up since Tuesday November 18th. I just couldn't wait any longer! I got a new Christmas Tree Skirt this year, and it has a cute Santa on it, and Santa has a pom pom for his nose and one on the end of his hat. I no sooner got it wrapped around the bottom of the tree when Chloe ran over, laid on her belly, and proceeded to nibble on Santa's nose. I'm not expecting it to make it through the holidays, but here's hoping!

Here is Chloe's stocking. I put it in the tree to keep it all in one piece.Here is the "star" on my tree. Isn't he cute? I bought a bunch of small sock monkey ornaments last year at Christmas time, and knew he'd like to join them.
This photo is proof positive that I will never be a photographer. Although my tree is cute, notice the "star" on the top? Of course you don't, because I cut it out of the picture!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crack Free America

I propose a crack free America people, and I am NOT just talking about the drug!! I don't know why men working on their cars, size 18 women in size 10 spandex, or men with their boxers and their butt hanging over the top of the waistband of their levi's feel the need to show us the things that should be covered up! If I wanted to see a butt crack, I'd look at mine in the mirror! Please America, either pull your pants up, or your crack down!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nieces are fun

Hey Hollywood!
Jocelyn is so YOU can't do this!
Ali was completely unwilling to cooperate so I could get a picture of her, so this is her headed after Chloe.
Notice her was lovely! We had been playing in a tent, and her hair for the rest of the day looked like she was about to be struck by lightening.
Me and Lindsey got to babysit our nieces for a day about a week ago, and we had so much fun!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloweeeener Dog

Here is Chloe's Halloween costume. It took me a while to get this picture, and she wasn't about to cooperate the slightest little bit so this is the best we could do. I hope she isn't planning to pay me back!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Here are the non party poopers of my family who decided to dress up for Halloween....
This is Rob, Miranda and Jocelyn, what cute little bee!
Cutest little Kitten ever, smeared whiskers and all!
The Pac Man on the right is my brother....or so I'm told.