Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hawaii 2009

As we got on the plane to fly from Arizona to Kaua'i, Michol grabbed the arm of her chair to reposition herself, and promptly ripped a piece of the arm off. Didn't bother us at all that this falling-apart-plane was about to fly us over the ocean for 5 hours....
We were half way through our day of flying when Michol looked down and realized that her shirt was inside out....down and to the left of her finger is the tag that is on the inside. Better luck next time Michol!!
Gazeebo at the Palace
Iolani Palace
Ugliest Pants in all of Hawaii
Two ugliest complete outfits in all of Hawaii.....Looks like the 80's either just arrived on the islands, or it is coming back strong!
Haunama Bay
From front to back: Grandma, Mom, and Dad snorkeling at Haunama Bay
Beautiful Mountains...couldn't get enough of the view!

Valley of the Temples on Oahu

This was a cemetary that had some amazing views of the mountain side. There were small temples around the property for different faiths. It was a beautiful place.

The Polynesian Cultural Center

Eye Candy
Grandma Webb
My dad and mom
This strange palm is called a Traveling Palm. When it rains, the water runs down and fills in the little woven part at the base and people traveling around would drink it.
Replica of an Ancient Polynesian Temple
The landscaping is beautiful here

More Hawaii

This is Chinamans Hat, which is on the east side of Oahu. One of the many beautiful views we had driving over to the Polynesian Cultural Center.
Lai'e Temple
Lai'e Temple
Christus statue in the visitors center at the Lai'e Temple
I tried to get up close to the picture, didn't do a great job of that! (Although this was taken out the passenger side window from the drivers side.)
BYU Hawaii

Hawaiian Flora and Fauna

I love the palm trees
Monk Seal on the beach on Oahu

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


View of Waikiki Beach from our hotel balcony
This was a lookout point on Pali Hwy as we were going to the Polynesian Cultural Center.
Another view from Pali Highway
Diamond Head Volcanic Crater from our hotel balcony
Moms amazing breakfast from our hotel restaurant
Our morning view as we ate breakfast....what a rough life!

Pearl Harbor

I met my parents and my grandma on Oahu for a week, and we were fortunate enough to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial. I'm so thankful for that humbling experience. It makes you appreciate our country even more. The day we went was actually the day before Veterans Day, so the flag flew at half staff. I've always loved seeing the flag blowing in the breeze, and feeling a deep sense of pride when I see it. So please excuse the flag pictures, I couldn't resist putting them on here.

Kapa'a on Kaua'i

My favorite Stephanie in the whole world!
Josh....are those my orange tic tacs??
Heston eating his "after church banana"
Michol taking her Sunday nap
The most expensive milk in the world...I knew you'd never believe it without a picture!