Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Anniversary Babe!

It's already been a year?? Time goes by so fast! My sweet husband decided to take me to my favorite restaurant for dinner for our anniversary. Fortunately for us, that restaurant is not local, so we jumped on an airplane and headed for Long Beach California.

Taco we come!

Here I am, snuggled up next to the tiki, waiting for my dinner to arrive at Taco Surf.

Here's my sweet hubby at Taco Surf, patiently waiting with his cheesy grin, for his dinner to show up.
Taco Surf has the greatest interior design!
But it doesn't even compare to the chips and salsa.....AMAZING!!
This is where we decided we want to live. Anyone have a few million bucks they want to give us? These houses are on PCH, and I have always loved them. It doesn't hurt to dream, right?
The day after our anniversary, was Ricks birthday. I wanted to get him some really great seafood while we were on our vacation, so Kevin and Derrick recommended this place to us. Maximum occupancy was 44 people, and we had to wait for about 45 minutes to get a seat. From what I hear, that's not a bad wait time, as Kevin and Derrick waited for 3 hours....Suckers!! :)
You get seated at your table, they strap on your bib, and then it's time to order. The bib was pretty classy, but we had to leave it behind. You'll see why in a second.
Another restaurant where the decor is exquisit.
When your food is delivered to your table, it's brought out in a metal bucket, and they pull a plastic bag out of the bucket, with your food in it. You roll down the corners of the bag, and dig in. Here is Ricks dinner, the cajun crayfish. He also got some crab, and I have never seen him so happy. Food was amazing, and highly recommended.
Making a mess, and enjoying every bite!

...and the aftermath. Once you are done, they pull up all 4 corners of the butcher paper, and throw everything away.
The night before we left, we went to Sunset Beach before dinner. It was so beautiful!

The beach really lived up to it's was a beautiful sunset.
My sweet husband watching the waves.
This house is for lease, you can be next door to Taco Surf, and be able to see the beach. It's a win/win situation!! Happy Anniversary Honey, it's been the best year of my life. Here's to many more!!


Allie said...

Julie I can't believe it has been a year. I'm so happy for you, you look great! You know me, I'm a little jealous of your trip, but not of your dinner!!!

Jo said...

Happy Anniversary!! And we really miss you!!!